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RootsCo Marketing helps our clients implement marketing strategies that actually get them results!

If you want to reach more customers, grow your sales pipeline, and engage more customers without adding overhead RootsCo Marketing is your marketing solution!

Small Business Owner CRM

The All-In-One Marketing CRM Platform

Research shows that over 45% of small business owners lack a defined marketing plan, often leading to inconsistent and ineffective promotional efforts. Establishing a structured marketing strategy is crucial to enhance visibility, attract and retain customers, and drive sustainable growth.

Social Media Marketing Tool

Google Business Profile Account Setup or Audit

Did you know that over 94% of local businesses haven't properly set up their Google Business Profile (GBP)? This oversight can significantly impact your online visibility and customer reach. At RootsCo Marketing, we specialize in ensuring your GBP is fully optimized, giving your business the best chance to stand out in local searches.

One local business owner who struggled with online visibility due to an incomplete GBP. After a comprehensive audit and setup, they experienced a staggering 400% increase in traffic. While not every business may see such dramatic results, a properly set-up GBP is crucial for achieving any positive outcomes.

Here are some key statistics to consider:

  • Search Visibility: 76% of people who conduct a local search on their smartphone visit a business within 24 hours, and 28% of those searches result in a purchase.

  • Customer Trust: Businesses with complete and accurate GBP listings are 70% more likely to attract location visits.

  • Engagement: Optimized GBP listings drive up to 50% more engagement and inquiries from potential customers.

As a Google-certified expert in GBP, I ensure your business profile is not just present but stands out, driving traffic and potential customers to your door. Don't leave your online presence to chance—let us help you maximize your visibility and growth potential.

Websites That Capture More Leads

Is your website nothing more than a costly brochure?

It’s time to transform it into a 'SMART' website—a dynamic tool designed to drive your business forward. Unlike standard websites, our SMART websites are meticulously optimized for search engines and mobile use, ensuring that you capture every potential lead.

We focus on making your website work harder for you by prioritizing sales, marketing, and lead intake. With strategic integration of SEO and local search tactics, we don’t just showcase your business; we set it up to thrive in a competitive digital landscape.

And the best part, setup, maintenance, and website hosting are all included in the monthly price of our marketing CRM!

SEO Sales & Marketing Website Free
Social Media Marketing Tool

Follow Up Automatically All In One Place

Most Small Business owners do not have a system in place to engage with the leads they work so hard to get! Are you guilty of getting a message on Social Media that you did not see for a day, or week even?

Google has said that 60% of businesses miss the first call

by perspective new customers!! You know what they do if they cannot get ahold of you? They will move on to the next business in their search.....

Never miss a message—or a lead—again with our all-in-one lead responder app integrated within the CRM. Whether it’s a Google Review, social media message or comment, email, or SMS, receive and respond to all communications as effortlessly as sending a text from your phone or desktop.

Our platform centralizes your interactions, ensuring you can follow up promptly and maintain engagement with every potential customer.

All-in-One Social Media Planner Tool

Streamline your social media management with our All-in-One Social Media Planner Tool, integrated seamlessly into the CRM. Effortlessly post to all social media platforms, including your Google Business profile, with the ability to bulk upload and schedule content in advance.

This all-in-one social media planner tool also allows you to respond to comments and messages directly, ensuring you maintain active and engaging presence across your channels—all from one convenient location.

Bonus, you also get in-depth training on how to find content ideas, how to post to Social Media in a way that will boost engagement, draw in leads, and with the planner within the CRM you can upload a month or more worth of content and schedule it out so that you can forget about it!

Social Media Planner Tool
All-in-One Marketing CRM

Get More Google Reviews

One of the fastest ways to move up in local search is Reputation, when Google sees that your customers like you that is a big green check mark in your favor!

Boost your local search presence with our targeted Google Reviews acquisition tool. Easily gather positive reviews to enhance your online reputation and visibility.

Our system simplifies the process of requesting and managing feedback, making it effortless for clients to share their experiences. By focusing on Google Reviews, you'll attract more local clients and establish a trusted brand identity in your community.

Missed Call Text Back

Capture every lead, even when you can't get to the phone, with our Missed Call Text Back feature. It’s a fact: 60% of first-time calls to local service businesses go unanswered, pushing potential customers to continue their search with your competitors.

Our system stops that search in its tracks by immediately sending a personalized text message if you miss a call.

"Hey there, Steve with SteveO Plumbing here. Sorry I just missed your call—I'm wrapping up with a client. Can you give me 15-20 minutes? Meanwhile, please tell me a bit about how I can help! P.S. If this is a plumbing emergency, don’t worry—I will be able to work you in!"

This immediate, personal touch reassures your potential customers that their needs are important and will be addressed swiftly, significantly boosting your chances of securing their business.

Missed Call Text Back Small Business
Marketing Metric Tracking RootsCo Marketing

Grow Your Revenue

Unlock the potential of your business with our all-in-one Marketing & Sales CRM. This powerful tool is designed to help you see clearly what's working and what isn't, allowing you to amplify successful strategies and adjust or eliminate the ineffective ones. Most small businesses operate in the dark, lacking any concrete understanding of their sales and marketing metrics.

With our CRM, you gain the visibility needed to target your efforts accurately. You can't hit a target you can't see, nor can you solve a problem you don't know exists. Equip your business with the insights to grow revenue efficiently and effectively, ensuring every marketing dollar contributes to your bottom line.

We play nice with others.....

You won't need to integrate with much when you use our all-in-one platform...but we're ready to do it when necessary.

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What our customers have to say...

"The most powerful tool at our business. Period!" - Mike Cooch

Best way to get our sales and marketing into high gear without spending a fortune on tools that don't speak to each other.

Seriously amazing support, too.

Dianne G

NCLEX Innovative Teaching Solutions

"Pros Make Ready LLC Sanitizing Services I are ECSTATIC to be working with the great KLee Terrazas with RootsCo Marketing!

Give her a call and see if she is the right fit for you and your business too!!!!


Sybil Hale

Pros Make Ready Indoor Sanitization Services

The Marketing consulting with K'Lee was beyond eye opening! I know organizing like nobody's business but to be honest there is so much about marketing I have not been doing simply because I did not know what I did not know!


Organize with Michelle

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