Helping Local Businesses show up where their dream customers hangout all day....


Unlock the power of precise targeting with our digital marketing services designed specifically for local businesses. We ensure your brand stands out exactly where your dream customers spend their time—online.

Whether it’s through optimized search results, engaging social media platforms, or direct email marketing, we help you connect with your audience effectively and efficiently.

Let’s put your business on the map and in the hearts and minds of your local community!

Every Local Business Marketing Strategy Has to Include the 4 R's


Google has what I like to call a "score card" grading system when it comes to how they decide to rank local service businesses in search.

Reputation online from your website speed and ease of use to the reviews your customers leave you on Google all play a key role in your online reputation and ranking!

We help with that too.


It does not matter how amazing your website looks, or if you have the most life changing product or service in the world, if no one knows your business exist they will never buy anything from you.

Marketing is the tool to grow your reach online so that people start to know, like, and trust you which will open the door to more new customers!

We help with that too.


Did you know it is 8 times easier to resell a former customer than to close a sale on a new customer?

Crazy right!?!

Yet most businesses spend all of their time, energy, and money trying to get new customers with virtually no system in place to pull back in their former customers.

We help with that too.


Once we have established your marketing systems—from growing your online reputation and extending your brand visibility to nurturing automations that keep former customers returning—it's time to elevate your business.

We'll retarget others who resemble your dream customers on platforms like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and TikTok.

Features & Benefit Standard & Premium Packages

  • Website Optimization:

    Enhance your online presence with updates and optimizations for three web pages, ensuring your site is not only user-friendly but also SEO-optimized to attract more visitors. Most businesses websites are old, out-of-date, slow (which Google hates!), and really nothing more than a fancy business card.

    We optimize your site so that its quick (which Google loves), is brand consistent, and set up to be a lead converting machine from SEO-keywords to user friendly easy to navigate! The rule in marketing Simple Sells & Complicated Fails.

  • Local Search and Review Boost:

    We set up Yext and Google Business Profile reviews to improve your local search rankings and manage your online reputation effectively. We can get your business listed in over 100 different places, which Google loves! It tells Google you are still in business and on top of your online presence (green check mark on the "Google Score Card" for local listings.)

  • Review Management:

    Actively manage and respond to customer reviews to build trust and credibility, helping you convert satisfied customers into repeat business.

  • Web Chat:

    Engage visitors in real time with Web Chat, solving problems quickly and capturing leads when customer interest is highest. The cool thing about our Web Chat inauguration is we can train an AI bot to answer for you, and yes they actually sound like a human (crazy!).

    Or we can connect your Web Chat directly to your Lead Connector App on your phone so that any communication from your website comes in just like a text message would making responding a breeze. A recent marketing study also found that Google likes websites with Chat options, I guess that would be another green check market on that "Google Score Card" for ranking your business locally.

  • Missed Call Text Back:

    Google said that over 60% of local service business searches end in a missed call. This could mean thousands of dollars a year in missed opportunities for you as a business owner! I get it, I get it, sometimes you are out in the field doing a job and cannot get to the call......but with Missed Call Text Back you will stop the search because they will have a text from you saying,

    "Hey, sorry I just missed your call I am wrapping up with a customer. In the mean time can you tell me a bit about how I can help? PS do not worry if this is an emergency plumbing issue I can get to you today! - Tim with ABC Plumbing"

    Never miss a lead again, even if you can't answer the phone. Our Missed Call Text Back service sends an automated text to callers when you're unavailable.

  • Call Tracking:

    Call Tracking is an area with 99% local service businesses do not have set up. This leads to a lot of inefficiencies and leads falling through the cracks. We all think, "I will call them back tomorrow." Then after a day or two passes and many calls logged on our phones later we have no idea which number to call back. Our Marketing CRM will help your business make sure to stop the madness of trying to remember everything and keep an organized tracking of where the call came from with the option to add their name so that you can put them into your leads pipeline!

    Call Tracking helps business owners gain insights into your marketing effectiveness with Call Tracking that allows you to measure the success of your campaigns and understand customer interactions.

  • Calendar Services & Automations:

    Simplify appointment scheduling with integrated Calendar Services. Keep your schedule organized and make it easy for clients to book time with you. Whether you have a team, or are a solopreneur you will have the ability to create service based calendars that automate the appointment follow-ups, reminding you and your customer of the upcoming appointment and then moving them into the nurture campaign following the service appointment.

    You can assign team members to the service booked and see all available team members schedules at a glance, and we also ingrate with Google Calendars making it a one-stop-shop for all your booking needs!

  • Lead Capture Forms:

    Convert website visitors into leads with customized forms that are designed to capture the essential information you need to follow up effectively while in compliance with the new laws! So many of the websites I visit that are in major need of updating are missing the new compliance regulations and guidelines for getting peoples information which can put your business at risk of being sued!

    Our lead capture forms make sure you get the lead, it comes directly into your CRM for you, and you are in compliance to reach back out to them at any time.

  • 2-Way Messaging Lead Management Tool:

    Communicate with clients effortlessly via Social Messaging, SMS, and Email. Our 2-Way systems ensure you keep the conversation going, no matter the platform all from one spot on your desktop or phone! So many businesses that are active on Google, Social Media, Email, SMS - all the places, find it difficult to then keep up with all the responses having to go to so many different apps or places to check them daily.

    Our lead connector app within your CRM and even as an app on your phone makes it as easy as responding to a text message and it sends the response back to whichever platform it came from without you ever needing to switch over! Business owners are busy the last thing they want is to be wasting time!

  • Campaign Management:

    Drive customer retention and sales with targeted Follow-Up, Reactivation, Resell, Birthday, Anniversary, Referral, and Nurture/Newsletter Campaigns. Each campaign is crafted to engage your audience and keep your brand top-of-mind. Part of RootsCo Marketing Systems is making sure that as a business owner we are helping you be all the places to stay top of mind with your customers without creating another full time job for you!

    Our amazing software truly is an all-in-one way to stay connected in the simplest way possible for businesses owners keeping their time where they want it to be most, doing what they love!

  • Giveaway Campaigns:

    Excite and engage your audience with what we like to call Database Reactivation Giveaway Campaigns that encourage participation and spread word of mouth about your brand and pull back in those former customers to do business with you again!

    Did you know it is actually 8x's easier to get a repeat customer than a 1st time customer? This is the magic in Database Reactivation Campaigns whether it is a great giveaway or a special offer it is such to create some excitement to get your foot in the door and boost sales!

  • Payments & Invoicing Automation:

    Streamline your billing and collections with Payments Automation, making transactions smooth for you and your customers, and ensuring timely payments. With our Text to Pay and Invoicing Automation that ties right into your Stripe or Quickbooks accounts keeping track of all your sales for you, this is just another way our system can help streamline repetitive processes to save you time and money.

  • Funnels as a Service & Lead Magnets:

    Attract and convert prospects with custom-built sales funnels and compelling lead magnets designed to guide visitors through the buying journey and capture their information for future marketing efforts.

  • Easy Ads Facebook Ad Management:

    Once you have a strong marketing system in place its time to maximize your reach on social media with our Facebook Ad Management. We handle everything from ad creation to optimization, helping you achieve better results and higher ROI from your campaigns.

  • Social Content Development:

    Keep your audience engaged with fresh, relevant content tailored to your brand. We craft impactful posts that resonate with your followers and enhance your social media presence. Our software allows you to create one post and send it to Facebook, Google Business, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Twitter all with one click of a button!

    Schedule out content posts for the entire month, no problem and no extra fees! It can all be done right in your CRM.

  • Social Posting Management Add-On* Done For You Service

    For those who know they need to be showing up on Social Media but simply don't (not enough time, do not know what to post, etc). We can help streamline your social media strategy with our posting management services. We schedule and manage your content across platforms, ensuring consistent activity and engagement with your audience. (this is in addition to monthly service packages, ask for more information on pricing if this is a service you need to add-on)

    This comprehensive suite of tools and services in our Standard & Premium Packages are designed to streamline your operations, enhance your customer interactions, and drive your business growth.